Web Accessibility

A page, a site or a service offered on the web is considered accessible when
any person, regardless of their disability, can understand, navigate and interact with it. Web accessibility is an important element to allow social integration and participation in the community life of the population.

Accessibility, why and for whom?

Web accessibility is useful for people with a visual impairment, but also for people with a hearing, motor or cognitive impairment. An accessible site is also useful for

  • Elderly people
  • Low speed internet users
  • Mobile internet users on smart phones
  • Allophones
  • Illiterate people
  • New Internet users
  • People with temporary physical and cognitive disabilities

How to ensure that your site is accessible?

There are many things to consider before, during and after the development of a website to ensure that it is accessible. See our guide to make sure you don’t forget anything.

Download our document on accessibility