A Flexible, Reliable and Dynamic Platform to Communicate with Your Citizens

A public organization’s website can present many challenges, both in terms of its internal management and its ease of use by the population. Working with cities, municipalities, RCMs and school service centers, Activis knows how to address challenges of public organizations. Be accompanied by a team of professionals at each step of your Web project.

Ergonomic and Easy-to-Use

A good website is responsive and easy to access from one browser or operating system to another. We help you determine a tree structure that makes searching for information quick and intuitive, regardless of the source of the visit. Make it easy for citizens and collaborators of your public organization to improve your identity and digital accessibility with Activis solutions.

Easy to Manage

Do you need to add or modify content directly on your public organization’s website (citizen notification, full page, FAQs, etc.)? Our team will show you how to do it internally, without programming and without hassle. You will be capable of managing your website with an easy-to-understand interface, while being able to count on our technical support if needed.

Link to External Tools

Whatever your tools (newsletter, citizen service platform, alert systems, etc.), they can be linked to your public organization’s website in order to automate processing and minimize manual interventions. Linking your tools to a unified platform promotes the daily management of your activities and the transfer of administrative tasks.

Support Team

Our support team is available to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Whether it’s a question about your external tools, your website or for real-time technical support, we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by email for any question about your website!

Durable and Evolving

A municipal website is a tool that must evolve and be constantly updated. Your site must be as flexible as the reality of managing a public organization requires. Our municipal solutions are flexible and can be adapted to any situation you may encounter.

Need a Hand Getting Started?

Download a call for interest template and a technical specification template to prepare your next call for tenders.

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