Three Things Your Population Wants on Its Municipal Website

Thierry Tanguay
Thierry Tanguay
Vice-président, services-conseils

For over 20 years, Activis has been designing municipal websites. We have identified the best practices and the most appreciated elements by the population – here are three things they expect from your site:

  • Communication tools
  • A simple way to find answers to their questions
  • Online services allowing them to be self-sufficient

They also want:

  • An accessible and efficient site
  • A site that looks good (but not too fancy!)

Communicate Simply and Quickly with Your Municipality

Your citizens want to be able to communicate easily with their municipality. That’s why it’s important to have an online application form or a chat system where they can ask questions and talk with someone from the municipality.

You should also make sure that you clearly display the contact information for accessing citizen services on your website so that people know how to get help or information from the municipality if they need it.

Finally, ensure that visitors to your site looking for information on municipal services can find the right contact information quickly and easily. Nothing is more annoying than being transferred from one department to another.

A Simple Way to Navigate Through a Large Volume of Content to Find the Answers to Their Questions

The second thing citizens expect from your website is a simple way to navigate through a large volume of content to find the answers they need. This is particularly important when people are looking for specific information, such as parking permits or the cost of a particular permit.

The best way to do this is to offer tools like a smart search engine and to organize the content well. You should also use simple, clear and consistent language so that people can easily understand what you are saying without having to read every word on every page: they don’t have time! Finally, make sure you have a section of quick links (maximum 6) for the most used ones like “parking” or “taxes” so that residents can quickly access where they need to go without getting lost in the content of the site.

Tools to Be Self-Sufficient and to Make Requests Online

The municipality website should have an online tool that allows citizens to make requests, track their status and receive responses from the municipality directly online. This allows them to act in an autonomous way, without having to go through intermediaries in order to save not only time, but also travel. Also try to centralize the most common interactions on the city’s website, rather than redirecting to external tools. Here are some examples of actions citizens expect to take online:

  • Registration for activities;
  • Reservations of sports facilities;
  • Permit applications and follow-ups;
  • Reports and requests.

Takeaway: Your Population Wants a Simple Way to Find Information About Their Municipality

Your population wants a simple way to find information about their municipality.

A good website is the hub for all municipal services, which means you need to provide tools that allow your citizens to be self-sufficient and to request services or information online. It also means providing essential information at a glance, so people can quickly see what they need without having to search through pages and pages of content. Finally, it means complying with WCAG accessibility standards so that the entire population can access its content.

In conclusion, your citizens want a simple way to find information about their municipality. They want to be able to communicate with you quickly and easily and they want tools that allow them to make their requests online. Residents also want access to essential information at a glance so they can make informed decisions as citizens of your city or town.

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