Why should we create a newsletter?

In your constant efforts to increase sales through your Website, there is possibly one element upon which you are still hesitating: why should you have a newsletter?

First of all, it is important to understand the different types of traffic:

1- Traffic that you influence

You don’t really have much control over it, mainly because you don’t know the algorithms used by the different search engines, but you do have some influence through good practices use to create your content and the way that your Website is programmed by your Web agency. Visitors that arrive directly from your social media page are also included in this category.

This type of traffic is free of charge, but it does require some time to direct them to your Website in order to increase sales.

2- Traffic that you purchase

This type of traffic comes from «pay-per-click» plans (paid campaigns) on search engines or from publicity that you have purchased on social media or elsewhere. Roughly speaking, it’s all about finding the keywords that potential clients would typically use. When your prospects type keywords into a search engine, your publicity may show up on top in the #1 spot of the publicity sections. Of course, if your market is highly competitive, it will cost more « per click » to obtain this coveted spot. With publicity (online or not), you are paying to have people directed towards your Website or towards a specific offer on your Website.

This type of traffic is quick to get going if you make the correct investments. You only need to calculate the cost of acquiring a prospect and how much this client is worth during their lifetime within your company. If it costs $10 to acquire a prospect, but this client always spends an average of $100, you have found a winning combination.

3- Traffic that you already possess

Consider offering your prospects a high value, top quality element for free in exchange for their email.

This type of traffic allows you to control when, where, or how you will make an offer to your prospective clients. You simply need to obtain the email address of the users on your Website. As it is already well known, the most used method is to have them «Sign up for our newsletter.» However, consider also offering your prospects a high value, top-quality element for free in exchange for their email.

An email inbox is a very private area. Giving a company access to this space is « valuable.» If I am one of your prospects, and you offer me a free product or top-quality content that allows me to resolve a specific issue in exchange for my email, I would be more inclined to do so, and I will also be looking forward to your next publication. Personally, I am signed up to many newsletters that I read on a daily basis.

The main advantage of this type of traffic is that you can create a conversation. This conversation will build up confidence. Especially, you will be able to direct the people on the email list towards specific offers and generate sales practically on demand. Imagine of a list of emails of 1000 people that are interested in what you have to offer (you have already given them one free product!), to whom you are giving the opportunity to use a rebate or come into the store before opening hours for a promotion, or even offering them an exclusive product.

You have a pool of potential clients that you already know, and you can make offers whenever you want to. With the right offers, the results can often be quite impressive!

Ask your Web agent how much it would cost to put this structure in place and exactly how to put it to good use!

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